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This year we can complete the fun and sassy Cat Den Mountain Quilts BOM. This pattern combines traditional sampler blocks in an eye-catching setting that packs some punch.
Sampler quilts are great teaching tools for the various blocks and units used in traditional quilts, yet I use some non-traditional piecing techniques to make the construction as simple as possible. This makes it an ideal learning quilt, not just for the beginner but for anyone who wants to make piecing easier.
Cat Den Mountain Quilts BOM will be presented in 12 installments. Block 1 will be presented in January 2019 with a new block following each month through October 2019. The finishing directions will be presented in November and December 2019.
This pattern was originally published in The Quilt Pattern Magazine starting in August 2016 and running through July 2017. Back issues containing this and other patterns are available at http://quiltpatternmagazine.com/pastissuesñndex.html
For a discounted subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine, go to: www.quiltpatternmagazine.com/program/S/?D=CDMQ and use the secret code: CDMQ.
 Fabric Requirements:
42" - 44" wide quilting cotton recommended.
" 2 yds of background fabric, white in sample (Fabric A)
" 1-1/4 yds of repeated block and border fabric, lightest gray in sample (Fabric B)
" 1 yd of sashing and border fabric, medium light gray in sample (Fabric C)
" 3/8 yd of block fabric, medium dark gray in sample (Fabric D)
" 5/8 yd of block fabric, darkest gray in sample (Fabric E)
" 1/4 yd of block fabric, light gray in sample (Fabric F)
" 1/4 yd of block fabric, medium gray in sample (Fabric G)
" 1/4 yd of block fabric, dark gray in sample (Fabric H)
" 1-3/8 yds of repeated block, cornerstones, and border fabric, black in sample (Fabric I)
" 5/8 yd of binding fabric, black in sample (same as Fabric I)
" 4-1/2 yds of backing fabric
" 80" x 80" piece of batting


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